The Eco-flow team is comprised of four core researchers/bioinformatians:

Project lead : Chris Wyatt

Chris is a senior bioinformatician on the project, with a background in omic technologies and pipeline development.

Ecology Advisor : Seirian Sumner

Professor Seirian Sumner is a leading researcher in ecology and genomics.

Bioinformatics Advisor : Yannick Wurm

Professor Yannick Wurm is a data scientist expert on genome analysis and evolution. He works with ants and pollinators, and creates intuitive software for comparative genomics.

Previous Team Members

Technical lead : Simon Murray

Simon was a senior bioinformatician on the project, with a background in pipeline development and containerisation. He left in May 2024 to work at Genomcis England as a bioinformatics engineer.



BBSRC funded this initiative
See our grant here
This is part of the Bioinformatics and Biological Resources Fund

Seqera Labs

Seqera sponsors this initiative and provides technical support

Host universities


UCL (University College London) is the host university of Sumner, Wyatt and our technical lead

Queen Mary

Queen Mary university is the host university of Yannick Wurm

Associated organisations


Nf-core is an organisation that sets the standards of bioinformatics workflows using Nextflow and is central to the philosophy of our initiative.


To learn more about this initiative or enquire about a collaboration contact:

Chris Wyatt - c . wyatt AT ucl . ac . uk


ecoflow . ucl AT gmail . com